Winning at the Interview Game

Winning at the Interview Game requires preparation and following a couple of time tested techniques that will dramatically increase your odds of getting the job or promotion you want.

Techniques To Use When Interviewing

1. Project Power– when meeting people for the first, lean in slightly when shaking hands.  If you are interviewing in a board room with a long table, sit at the head of the table, if possible.  If you are interviewing in a group setting where the table is round, slightly move the chair out.  These small things, will make a world of difference and will help you portray a confident persona, which will increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Before you go into an interview do The Victory Pose in front of a mirror at least 10 times.  Doing this will give you confidence and allows you to think you have already got the job.  The Victory Pose makes you feel like a winner.

3. Go for a Walk to someplace new before going to an interview.  Taking a walk allows you to take in new information and gets your creative juices flowing and helps you get centered.

4. Use Impact Words– when answering questions. If you can answer questions with a couple of rhyming phrases or slogans and the word “because”, it will be more persuasive and compelling. Rhyming is associated with reason and gives your answers credibility.

5. When answering questions, do your best to say the name of the person(s) asking you the question in your answer. When people hear their name it builds up their self-worth, which puts you in a more favorable light in their mind. Names have power.

6. In your closing remarks, Ask For the Job, if you think it is the right fit. When you ask for it, you are portraying confidence, showing decisiveness and helping make their decision easier.

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