Just In Time Consulting

One World Consulting Group offers organizations a variety of consulting and project management services. Our just-in-time consulting services gives you increased flexibility and avoids unnecessary, costly long term commitments.

Whether you need just-in-time project management services, advice on developing your cloud, mobility or business intelligence strategy, expertise in driving organizational change, or need a cybersecurity program, we have world-class consultants that will deliver outstanding results on time and on budget. We are able to deploy an entire project team or individuals to fit into your existing project teams.

One World Consulting Group- Consulting Services 

We have a great talent pool of technical project managers, business project managers, big data consultants, developers, program managers, business analyst and other specialists available for short and long term contract engagements.  Our consultants work through us as independent contractors.

Our standard rates are as follows:

Technical Projects Managers- $90/hr-$110/hr

Business Project Managers- $85-$95/hr

Program Managers- $110/hr-$125/hr

Systems Analyst- $70/hr-$80/hr

Business Systems Analyst- $65/hr-$75/hr

Database Analyst- $75/hr-$85/hr

Information Technology Security Consultants- $85/hr-$100/hr

Business Intelligence Consultants – $100/hr-$120/hr

Applications Developers- $75/hr-$85/hr

Software Engineers- $100-$125/hr

Please note that the above standard rates may vary depending on the complexity of the projects and also the specific skill sets and experience needed. 

One World Consulting Group Pre-Project Assessment Questionnaire.

Before we start a new project, we require key information that will help us provide you with the best possible solution that is cost-effective, scalable, and achieves the desired result.

  1. What are you looking to implement or create?
  2. What is your timeline that you want this completed by?
  3. What do you think your budget should be?
  4. What problem are you trying to solve or opportunity that you are trying to capture with this project?
  5. What internal resources would be available for the project?
  6. How many hours can be allocated to those internal resources for the project?
  7. What are possible internal roadblocks or obstacles that may prevent the project from being successful?
  8. What communication mode/style do you prefer for project status, delivery of milestones and project completion?
  9. What is your Conflict Management Process?
  10. Would you be interested in seeing a statement of work for this project?
One World Consulting Group