Career Coaching Programs

Contact Paul Convery at 425-766-9778 or e-mail at to schedule a FREE 10 minute CONSULTATION  to explore our career coaching programs. 

Our Career Coaching Programs are designed for individuals who are looking to

1. Make a Career Change
2. Move to the Next Level in their Career
3. Develop a Resume
4. Up-date an Existing Resume
5. Develop or Refine their LinkedIn Profile
6. Prepare for Up-coming Interviews
7. Receive Advice on Job Offers
8. Prepare for a Performance Review
9. Receive Advice on Handling a Performance Improvement Plan
10. Speak to a Thought Partner to plan for the last job in your Career Journey or the first job in your Career Journey


2 hour- Resume and LinkedIn Program -$199

When your resume/LinkedIn profile is completed, we will highlight your profile to our 13,000 LinkedIn Followers.

When developing/refining your Resume, we focus on the following key areas:

1. Value Statement, 2. Key Accomplishments ,3. Core Skills and Experience ,4. Keywords that align with ATS Systems and LinkedIn Searches ,5. Customizing your resume to fit positions you have an interest in applying to. ,6. Recommendations and Leadership Principles

When developing and refining your LinkedIn profile, we focus on the following key areas:

1. Branding( Images) ,2. About section ,3. Work Experience and Education ,4. Skills and Endorsements , 5.Recommendations and Articles ,6. Maximizing your exposure to recruiters and hiring managers

Objective is to help you:

1. Create and/or revise your resume and linkedIn profile that will catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers

2. Successfully get through the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) 


2 hour- Interview Coaching Program- $199

When developing and refining your Interviewing skills, we focus on the following key areas: 

1. Communication Style ,2. Body Language ,3. Answering Interview questions in a concise and complete manner,    4. Making eye contact ,5. Displaying Confidence ,6. Asking thought provoking questions that helps “sell” your skills and experience, 7. How to Close 8. Asking for the Job

Conduct 2 /1 hour “mock interviews” via zoom that includes debriefing sessions. All Interviews are recorded for your future reference. We will ask you a total of 50 questions during the mock interview sessions that will focus on behavioral, case, competency, problem-solving, situational, leadership and company culture type questions. 


We offer 1 year gold and platinum membership programs that provides 3 hours of coaching for Gold members@$20/per month and 4 hours of coaching for Platinum members@$25/month over a 1 year period. Our membership programs cover topics that include: 

  1. Career Advice, 2. Resume Advice, 3. LinkedIn Advice, 4. Cover Letter, 5. Sales Advice, 6.Recruiting Advice 7. Starting a New Career, 8. Planning for your last job, 9. Interview Advice, 10. How to get promoted, 11.Starting a consulting business, 12. Networking, 13. Selling Your Skills, 14. Building a recruiting team, 15. Building a sales team, 16. Securing an internship, 17. Dealing with difficult manager, 18. Return-to-work strategy, 19. Dealing with job loss, 20. Changing Careers, 21. Dealing with a Performance Improvement Plan, 22. How to handle Getting Fired, 23. Dealing with Difficult Employees, 24. Diversity and Inclusion strategy, 25. Prioritizing Your Work Day, 26. Dealing with Stress. 

First 90 day COACHING PROGRAM -For Individuals starting a new position message me at 425-766-9778.

Our program covers topics that include: 

·     6 hours coaching over 90 days (2 / 1 hour calls every 30 days)

·     Focus on 30,60,90 days priorities, goals, milestones, outputs and manager reviews.

·     The 6 hour coaching calls will work with you on establishing your priorities, goals, milestones, outputs and manager reviews and holding you accountable, and course correct when necessary.

·     Establish a change management plan

Key activities and objectives needed to ensure 90 day success

Promote Yourself, Accelerate Your Learning, Match Strategy to Situation, Secure Early Wins, Negotiate Success, Achieve Alignment, Build Your Team, Create Coalitions, Keep Your Balance.

Tracking and Documenting Success

30,60, 90 day tracking focusing on priorities, goals, milestones. outputs and manager review.


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