recruitmentimageWe offer four types of recruiting options: Retainer, Contract, Sourcing-as-a Service and ROS Option.


With our retainer option, we focus on recruiting for all types of permanent positions.  In order for us to start a search, we request a refundable retainer of $ 3,000 to get the search started and a 15% fee ( this is 15% of the annualized salary of the candidate that was successfully hired).   This refundable retainer is used by us to invest in something we call an attraction strategy that is specific to your particular position. This strategy is part of a comprehensive roadmap we develop and use to uncover the hidden talent pool for your particular position.  We tap into our extensive network and invest in business intelligence recruiting tools that are outside the mainstream recruiting industry. This option is typically for those clients that have a high degree of urgency to fill the position as quickly as possible.

4-6 Week Retainer Guarantee- Quality vs. Quantity

We guarantee that under the terms of the retainer option we will deliver the following over a 6-8 week period from the start date of the search:

a.  5 candidates submitted that meet at least 90% of the key requirements of the position.

b. 4 of the 5 candidates submitted will be asked to be initially screened by the client.

c.  3 of the 5 will be brought in for a full round of interviews with the client.

d. 1 of the 5 candidates will accept the job offer.

e. We will produce a detailed recruiting report that outlines candidates we have reached out to, screening notes and contact information.  This report could prove very valuable as a recruiting tool when in the future you may be recruiting for the same position.

f. For each candidate submitted, we will provide a resume, link to their linked-in profile, a summary of qualifications, candidate questionnaire, and tech check report.

In addition, we also offer a 365-day guarantee to the client. If the candidate that is hired voluntarily or involuntarily leaves the position before 365 days, we will refund the placement fee or find a replacement candidate at no additional cost to the client.

Contract and Project

With our contract option, we offer our clients the option to hire contractors directly to their payroll or through One World Consulting Group. We have a vast network of professionals who are interested in contract and contract-to-hire opportunities. Our bill rates are very competitive and we also offer creative contract-to-hire options to those employers who would like to hire contractors as a full-time employee at the duration of the contract period.

Sourcing as-a-Service

We can provide sourcing services to help your recruiting team build candidate pipelines for difficult and challenging positions. We build detailed candidate spreadsheets that can be used for positions now or in the future.

Recruiting Outsourced Services

We can act as your in-house recruiting team when no recruiting team exists. We provide full life-cycle recruiting services. Minimum of 480 hours is required.

Positions Types We Focus on Include

  • SharePoint Developer
  • SharePoint Architect
  • Telecom Project Managers
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Managing Director
  • PMO Director
  • Information Security Consultant
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Solutions Architect
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Payroll Assistant
  • HR Generalist
  • Accountant
  • Solutions Engineers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Marketing Specialist
  • CRM Specialist
  • Brand Specialist
  • Business Development Analyst
  • Business Development Associate
  • Legal Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • Digital Graphic Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Finance Manager
  • SQL Server/NoSQL Consultants
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant
  • Attorney
  • Application Manager/Architect
  • .Net Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Recruiter
  • Technical Sales
  • Technical Cloud Manager
  • Data Scientist
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