How To Get What You Are Worth

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Your Next 5 Job Search Moves

Your Next 5 Moves May Include:

  1. Hire a coach to help you refine, update and market your resume for maximum results.
  2. Hire a coach to help you refine, update and market your linkedIn profile for maximum exposure.
  3. Hire a coach to prepare you for interviews. Interview preparation is vital to your success.
  4. Hire a coach to help you sell” your skills, experiences, accomplishments and create your “value proposition”.
  5. Hire a coach to be your “thought partner” in your job search journey.
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Resume and LinkedIn Coaching


I can help you develop and refine your resume.
The cost of the resume module is $129

When developing and refining your Resume, I focus on the following key areas:

  1. Value Statement
  2. Key Accomplishments
  3. Key Skills and Experience
  4. Keywords that align with ATS Systems and LinkedIn Searches

My objective is to help you 1. create and/or revise your resume that will catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, 2. successfully get through the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and 3. secure job interviews.

Program Duration: 2 hours (typically over 1 week).

Schedule/Format: 2/ 1 hour Skype, Zoom, or Phone calls -discussion and collaborative format.

We also offer other services such as:

Interview Coaching/Branding, Self-Assessment, Linked-In branding, Career Strategy, Job Search, and Building your Network.

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Career Management Webinar Series

One World Consulting Group Career Management ZoomWebinar Series

  1. Resume 101– Build a winning resume that gets you interviews.
  2. LinkedIn 101– Build a LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed.
  3. Interview 101– Tips and Techniques to master job interviews
  4. The Art of Negotiations– Developing winning negotiation skills
  5. Making More Money-Tips and Techniques to get paid more money
  6. Networking for your Career– Build a Network of Key Allies and Alliances to advance your Career
  7. Developing a winning Job Search Strategy
  8. How to get Promoted?– Tips on how to get promoted at your company
  9. How to deal with a Job Layoff? – Dealing with Loss and Identity
  10. Career Transition– How to move into a new career successfully

Our Career Management Webinar Series are 1 hour webinars and limited to 10 people. Cost is $10 per webinar/ $50 for the entire series. Payment can be done via Venmo and Paypal. 

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Questions to ask yourself

Questions to ask yourself during the COVID-19 Crisis?

1. Are you worried that you are at risk of being laid-off?

2. Are you mentally prepared if you are laid-off?

3. Have you created a career crisis management plan in case you get laid-off?

4. Do you have a list of 20-25 people you can e-mail or call who can give you assistance if you need to find a new job?

5. Do you have an up-dated resume and is your LinkedIn profile helping sell your skills and experience to the marketplace.

Take action today, be prepared and make a smooth transition if things change quickly.

Call/text me at 425-766-9778 if you need assistance with getting prepared.

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What do you do if you feel stuck in your job?

1. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge you feel stuck.

2. Take immediate action on the things you can quickly change that are making you feel that you are stuck in your job.

3. Talk with your immediate hiring manager to take away certain job tasks that make you feel you are stuck and have them add certain job tasks that will enhance your skill sets and experiences.

4. Go above and beyond in your job and suck it up and just be the best you can be and hope that your efforts will result in being considered for new job opportunities at your current company.

5. Hire a job coach who will help you up-date your resume and LinkedIn profile and work through the job search process.

Call me at 425-766-9778 or e-mail me at and lets talk and strategize on helping you get out of a job you feel stuck in.

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Seeking a new job?

The challenges you face when seeking a new job:

1. Competition from other external candidates.

2. Getting your resume noticed by the hiring manager.

3. Getting feedback on your candidacy.

4. Getting what your worth.

5. Convincing the hiring manager you have the skills to do the job.

6. Conducting strong interviews.

7. Getting a call back after an interview.

8. Effectively answering the overqualified question.

9. Shifting hiring priorities.

10. Competition from internal candidates.

If you are considering making a job change or actively in a job search and are experiencing some of the challenges listed above or other challenges, please call/text me at 425-766-9778 and lets see if I can help you overcome those challenges and get you hired.

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2019 Year End To-Do

As 2019 is quickly coming to an end don’t forget to take care of the following:

1. Up-date your CV/Resume- even if you are not planning to make a job change, it is always good practice to have it ready to go, just in case.

2. Up-date your LinkedIn profile to include year end projects, new recommendations and to ensure your personal brand is being properly reflected to the marketplace.

3. Consider new job opportunities, even if you are happy in your current job and with your current company. It is always good practice to see what else might be available, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Call or text me at 425-766-9778, if you need a year end resume and linkedIn audit and would be interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

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Medical Director Opening

Medical Director opening with our client. Looking for individuals to service the Scottsdale Arizona marketplace. Pays $250,000+ bonuses

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Secrets To Finding Passive Candidates

Secrets to Finding Passive Candidates

1. Provide detailed, well crafted job descriptions that highlight how the job will impact the company in terms of profitability, revenue growth, increase marketshare, new product and/or services.

2. Create a passive candidate list with LinkedIn profiles and share with the hiring manager and have the hiring manager identify who they would like to have an exploratory call with.

3. Email/call/text the passive candidates and provide information on the job and company. Be brief and stress that the hiring manager reviewed their profile and believes they could be a good fit for the position. Stress the exploratory nature of the call and that this is not a formal interview.

If your company is struggling to find passive candidates, perhaps it is time to develop a passive candidate recruiting strategy that can improve your hire rates and quality of candidates.

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