Ask Paul

I pleased to announce our new service offering: Ask Paul

Ask Paul is a charge by the minute advice service offering of One World Consulting Group where you can ask me anything on job search and workplace related topics:

Resume Advice, LinkedIn Advice, Interview Advice
Personal Branding , Job Offer Negotiations, Job Search Strategy
Dealing with Job Loss, Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
Building Leadership Presence, Career Exploration

Text me at 425-766-9778 and lets talk

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New Positions

New Positions with One World Consulting Group:

1. Senior Director, Data Science & Analytics- $300,000 – Remote

2. Sales Engineer, $150,000- San Francisco or Seattle

3. Dev Operations Manager- $200,000 – San Francisco

4. Senior Embedded Developer- $150,000 Canada

Contact me at 425-766-9778 or e-mail me at

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Career Coaching Workshops January 2022

Register today for our career coaching workshops ( Resumes, LinkedIn, Interviewing, Presentation, Communication, Personal Branding).

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Coaching The Interviewers

Coaching Your Management Team To Be Better Interviewers is Good for your Business and your Management Team.

Consider the cost of conducting average to poor interviews.
Interviewers who are not skilled at conducting interviews can:

1. Prevent your company from attracting top talent
2. Increase the time your management team is interviewing talent , thus creating inefficiencies.
3. Adversely affect your brand image.

Coaching Your Management Team to be better interviewers is an investment that will pay dividends to those companies in the form of attracting better talent, streamlining the interview process , and elevating your brand image.

If your company is looking to train your employees to become better interviewers, please call me at 425-766-9778 or e-mail me at

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Career Academy

The Career Academy at One World Consulting GroupCome Inside the Career Academy Vault and Find All Your Career Management NeedsThe Academy is designed for individuals who are looking to

1. Make a Career Change

2. Move to the Next Level in their Career.

3. Develop a Resume.

4. Up-date an Existing Resume

5. Develop or Refine their LinkedIn Profile

6. Prepare for Up-coming Interviews

7. For advice on Job Offers

8. Prepare for a Performance Review

9. Receive advice on Handling a Performance Improvement Plan

10. Speak with a Thought Partner to plan for the last job in their Career Journey.

Contact Paul at 425-766-9778 or e-mail

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Go Big Or Go Home


If you are considering making a job or career change and are nervous about diving in and getting started, ask yourself the question what do I have to lose? Start thinking BIG and do IT NOW.

Stop procrastinating and start moving and take action. You are running out of time, your runway is getting shorter and shorter the longer you wait.

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Human Capacity Development

One World Consulting Group and One World Executive Search are proud to announce that we are committed to partnering with those companies that focus on Human Capacity Development first and Profitability second.

We will only work with those companies that focus on paying their employees high wages, good benefits, have high employee happiness ratings and who invest in the careers of their employees .

Human Capacity Development first and Profitability second.

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Why should we not hire you?

The Interview Question that can determine if you get the job or not.

Why should we not hire you?

How you answer this question will determine if you get the job or not.

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2020 Review

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Career Coaching Testimonial

Paul is an experienced career coach who provided me expert advice in my career transition in terms of interview and comp negotiations. His advice helped me land my next big position. I will definitely recommend him to help anyone who wanted to excel in their career.

Ching Keong Tham

Program Management Executive, Seattle, WA

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