What do you do if you feel stuck in your job?

1. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge you feel stuck.

2. Take immediate action on the things you can quickly change that are making you feel that you are stuck in your job.

3. Talk with your immediate hiring manager to take away certain job tasks that make you feel you are stuck and have them add certain job tasks that will enhance your skill sets and experiences.

4. Go above and beyond in your job and suck it up and just be the best you can be and hope that your efforts will result in being considered for new job opportunities at your current company.

5. Hire a job coach who will help you up-date your resume and LinkedIn profile and work through the job search process.

Call me at 425-766-9778 or e-mail me at paul@oneworldconsultinggroup.com and lets talk and strategize on helping you get out of a job you feel stuck in.

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