The Secret Sauce to Help You Get Promoted

Everyone loves the idea of getting a promotion. When you get promoted you feel valued, your confidence increases and your financial situation typically improves.  So why is getting promoted in 2016 becoming increasing difficult to achieve.  A big part of the reasons may be that individuals are not focusing on the right things to help them get promoted, but putting more emphasis on the wrong things.

The secret sauce in getting promoted is to focus on 3 key things: 

1. Start your work day no later than 6:30 am. Getting a 2 hour-2:30 hour head start from your colleagues allows you get the busy, tactical things out of the way and allows you to focus more on strategic initiatives. When you are able to focus more on the strategic aspects of your job, your probability at getting promoted drastically increases.

2. Improve your professional image. It is absolutely critical to showcase to your manager and fellow co-workers that you have your stuff together. Portraying a professional image, will give your manager the confidence that if they promoted you, that you won’t let them down and will represent them well.

3. Take public speaking courses. Effective leaders are individuals that feel comfortable speaking to a group of people, regardless of the size of the audience. Effective public speakers are valued in a company and bring the perception that they are more creditable , then an ineffective public speaker. When you invest time and money into improving your public speaking skills, you will drastically improve your chances at getting promoted.

Getting promoted requires you to put in the time at work, invest in yourself and to bring an effective communication style that will give people confidence in your ability and help you build creditability among your peers and senior leadership.

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