The Right Way To Attract Talent

Attracting Top Talent to Your Company Can be a Very Simple and Cost Effective Process. Many companies struggle to attract top talent because they over complicate the hiring process, they focus on other things that are not important to top talent, and they don’t use some of their most valuable people during the interview process.

6 Things That Should Be Part of Your Attraction Strategy In Recruiting Top Talent

  • Its Not All About The Money. Money is a very important component when trying to attract top talent, however many companies error because they lead in with money as the key selling component when promoting the position. As long as the money is comparable to what they are making currently, with some up-side, money then becomes a secondary factor in trying to attract top talent.
  • Its All About The Manager. Managers that have a stellar reputation and are fully invested in their employees will be a great selling tool in trying to attract top talent to your company. Include information about the manager in your job descriptions and in your initial discussions with the candidates.
  • Career Succession Plans. Top Talent are attracted to company’s that have established career succession plans for all positions in their company. Career Succession Plans show prospective employees that the company is interested in helping their employees progress in their career, which in many cases is even more important than money. Include information about Career Development in both your job descriptions and in your initial discussions.
  • Simplify The Interview Process. A simple interview process is essential in trying to attract top talent. Companies that streamline the entire interview process to 1 day and no more than 4 hours, will dramatically increase their odds of attracting top talent. Avoiding a long drawn out interview process will showcase to top tier candidate that the company knows what it wants and is not interested in wasting time.
  • Involve Senior Leadership in the Interview Process Whenever Possible. Including a CEO, CFO, SVP or VP in the interview process will show the person being interviewed that the company values their time and candidacy so much, that they want the leaders in the company to be involved in their interview. Big Ego Booster.
  • Quick Decisions. Once a candidate has finished the interview process and the company feels that the person is the right person for the job and company, send the candidate a written offer within 24 hours after a decision has been made to hire them. Timing is Everything. Waiting to make an offer, may result in you losing that candidate to another company, but it can also show the candidate that the company doesn’t know what they want and are indecisive.

When trying to attract top talent to your company, focus on keeping things simple, efficient and easy for the candidates, so they can make a well informed decision about whether to join your company or not. Incorporating the 6 key things listed above as part of your attraction strategy will help increase your odds of attracting top talent to your company.

Paul is CEO and President of One World Consulting Group, LLC and One World Executive Search. Paul is a recruiting strategist, career coach and recruiter who serves individuals and companies in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Toronto. Contact me at or call me at 1-425-766-9778 to discuss any recruiting, consulting or career coaching needs.

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