The hardest thing to master at your job, is not the job itself, but sometimes it is all the drama and noise at your company. In many companies small and large, the biggest factor that consumes workers time is thinking about, navigating through and dealing with the noise that is getting in the way of them doing a good job.

Things you can do to avoid the noise at your place of work

1. Avoid company gossip.

Remove yourself from conversations with individuals that want to gossip about your co-workers. Engaging in this kind of behavior will lead to a toxic work environment.

2. Participate in brain storming sessions that focus on solutions.

It is vital to volunteer, lead and drive brain storming sessions that are focused on a platform of solutions vs problems. The moment you lead sessions with problems, the noise begins and it distracts the group from finding solutions. Lead with solutions, not problems.

3. Call out co-workers that do a great job on a project .

It is important to create a supportive and encouraging environment. Acknowledging co-workers sets a great foundation for building trust relationships and helping minimize any future noise and drama.

Learning to effectively deal with the noise and drama in your workplace, will put you in a much better position for future promotions and being more productive at your job.

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