It is all about the Corporate Cultural Fit

It is all about the Corporate Cultural Fit

During my 15 year career as a recruiter, I can count the number of times on one hand when a hiring manager said to me that we are going to hire the candidate, even though they will most likely have trouble fitting into our corporate culture. The majority of hiring managers will eliminate a candidate from consideration, even if the candidate has all technical qualifications to perform the job, but doesn’t fit into the corporate culture.

It is absolutely vital if you are a job seeker that you understand the corporate culture of the companies that you are seeking employment from. Part of your research should include: talking to past and current employees, review the company website, and see what customers are saying about the company. Doing this kind of research will give you a good window into what the corporate culture is like and give you enough information to decide whether or not the company would be a good fit. Save yourself time and energy by doing your research and focus on those companies that align with your value system.

Focus more on the company culture and less on the bullets points of a job description. If you can articulate to a hiring manager that you fit into the company culture, you chances of getting hired drastically improves, even if you are lacking some of the skills for the job you are applying for.

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