How To Escape a Toxic Work Environment

Are you working in an environment that is hostile, lacking trust and being mis-managed? Are you working in an environment where there is a revolving door of people being hired and leaving? Are you working in an environment that is more concerned about micro-managing their employees, monitoring e-mails and time away from the office? If you answered YES to these questions, then you are probably working in a toxic environment.

So how do you escape a toxic work environment?

1. Focus on developing 30-60 day game plan that will result in you transitioning to a healthy work environment that values their employees.

2. Get your Resume and LinkedIn profile up-dated as soon as possible.

3. Reach out to as many people in your network as possible and let them know you are seeking a new company to work for.

4. Utilize unused time-off and holidays to focus on your job search.

5.  Research and Build a list of companies that you would like to work for and monitor company websites opportunities.

6. Apply to job openings that you have at least 75% of the required skills, experience. It is important to quickly begin applying to jobs and get into the interview mode.

7. Attend Networking events and network like crazy.

8. Focus on the future and not the past.  Give yourself permission to leave.

Escaping a toxic work environment can be tough, especially if you are making good money, have tenure and have develop coping skills to deal with the toxicity. If you have reached the point that you need to escape, then take action and develop the plan and don’t look back.

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