Fire Yourself

Are you in a rut in your job that you can’t get out of or are you so comfortable with your job that you could do it in your sleep? If you answered YES, then you may want to consider firing yourself from your job.

Firing yourself from your job may be the best move for your career that you could make. You first need to be completely honest with yourself and acknowledge that maybe the job you are currently in is not satisfying your needs and is preventing you from taking your career in the direction you would like to see it go in. Being honest with yourself may also prevent you from getting fired in the future and doing something you may regret.

Once you recognize the need to make a change, put together a plan with a career coach to map out your transition plan and determine what the next job should look like for you. .

Firing yourself takes guts and courage. It is vital to not fire yourself from your job, unless you have secured another job that will help you achieve your career goals and you have thought about the pros and the cons of leaving.

Firing yourself from your job should not be taken lightly, but should be done if you are going down a path that could result in you getting fired from your job. It is always better to leave a job on your own terms vs. being pushed out the door.


Fire yourself…It is good for you and your career

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