Career Planning 101: Think Globally

We work and live in a Global Technology Driven marketplace. It is important to keep yourself informed of what is happening around the world and not just in our own city or country. Technology has brought the world closer together, so embrace it and use it to advance your career. Start to think of your career from a global perspective.

Many large corporations have opportunities for their employees to work in a different city or country. Taking advantage of these opportunities helps build your understanding and appreciation of other cultures and broadens your knowledge base, which puts you in a better positions when opportunities for promotions come up.

When planning your career from a global perspective consider companies such as Boeing, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, Google, IBM, Starbucks, Expedia, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, T-Mobile, HP, or similar type companies that have a global presence. Need help mapping out your global career strategy ? Consider the services of a career coach to help you develop that roadmap.

Thinking Globally is Good for your Life and Career….Embrace It!

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