Where is Global IT Spending going in 2014?

When considering making an investment in your tech career whether through education training, or changing jobs, consider where the Global IT Spending is going to be in 2014?  The Information below gives you a quick snapshot as to what that spend will look like in 2014.

CIOs in the US should plan for 5% to 6% growth in tech buying in 2014; those in Europe will generally make lower IT purchases in 2014.

In Canada, Japan, Australia, and India, modest rises are in store. In China, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, growth rates will be in the high single digits, though lower than their peaks in 2011.

In general, CIOs will focus their biggest spending increases on software, where growth globally will be 7.3% in 2014.

Analytics and applications in general and SaaS applications in particular will attract the fastest growth of any IT spending category. IT consulting and implementation services will also rise in line with higher software spending. Computer equipment spending will lag, with the exception of tablets and Apple PCs. Spending on IT outsourcing will grow more slowly than the overall tech market, and communications equipment will be weak.

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