Wake Up CEO’s..Your Business May Be in Trouble

Your company is doing well. Sales are up, profits are increasing, customers are happy, growth projections are strong and overall your employees seem happy. With all this good news, why would your business be in trouble.

The pending trouble lies not with the external factors & forces that affect your business, the real danger lies with the internal forces that can affect your business. These are forces that are not readily seen or heard, but linger under the surface and when the right factors are in place, they can bring a business to their knees.

What are the internal forces that could negatively affect your business:

1. Employees that whisper dis-satisfaction amongst themselves about their manager and the company as a whole, but stay quiet during reviews and opportunities to discuss their dis-satisfaction with their manager or human resources.

2. Managers who may be actively interviewing and looking at leaving, but not voicing their dis-satisfaction or hinting that they may want to leave to executive leadership.

3. Departments working as Independent Tribes behind closed doors with individual agendas, but executive leadership thinks the departments are united.

4. The company is allowing a few employees who want to leave to continue working until they leave on their own and find something that is so called “better”.

5. Employees not treating other employees like “customers”.

6.  Executive Leadership is Loyal to a Fault.

7. Management lacks key skills in the areas of: mentoring employees, building trust relationships within their own department and other departments.

There may be many other internal forces that are lingering under the surface. It is critical for executive leadership to do a more deep dive analysis into the day-to-day operations of their business and to there surprise they may see the pending forces that could negatively impact their business.

One World Consulting Group can work with your executive leadership team and assist them in uncovering the lingering issues ,that if not dealt with, can negatively impact your business in the future.

Contact me at 425-766-9778 or e-mail me at paul@oneworldconsultinggroup.com and lets discuss your needs. Please visit our website at One World Consulting Group-https://www.oneworldconsultinggroup.com.

Thank you for reading my post.

Paul is Founder and CEO of One World Consulting Group, LLC. Paul is a career coach, recruiter, business developer and sales strategist who serves individuals and companies from around the world.

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