Trust is Everything

The key element in progressing in your career is your ability to build long lasting trust relationships. Trust, in many cases trumps Ability. So the big question to ask yourself is, what steps can I do today to regain trust or start building trust with my co-workers, manager, and other leaders in my company.

Steps On How To Build Trusting Relationship

1. Up-date your manager on the status of assignments and/or projects that they assigned to you on a consistent basis.

2. Ask your manager for their advice on topics that will help you perform your job better.

3. Keep up-to-date records and ensure your communication with co-workers and managers is timely, accurate and team oriented.

4. Avoid gossip and blaming co-workers and managers when things go wrong.

5. Provide support to struggling co-workers and/or managers.

6. Take ownership when you have made a mistake or when projects are failing and give credit to the team when things go well.

7. If you have to leave the office, send an out-of-office e-mail to your co-workers and managers and let them know where you are going and your anticipated return.

8. If you are not happy with something in your job, tell your manager and provide a solution that will help deal with the issue.

Trust is everything, building it and keeping it can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can during your career. Build as many long lasting trust relationships that you can and watch your career soar.

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