The One Day Interview

The time and energy it takes to interview candidates can cost organizations thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  Many hiring managers are interviewing 7, 8, 9 and in so cases 10 candidates for 1 position because they can’t find the perfect candidate.  Spending weeks and months interviewing candidates can become a fruitless exercise and not garner the desired results.  If this is happening in your organization, you may want to consider the One Day Interview for your open positions.

One method to help streamline the hiring process and save organizations on hiring costs, is for hiring managers to select their top 2-3 candidates and bring them in for a full day of interviews to meet with the key individuals that they would be interfacing with on a day-to-day basis.

The Keys to Implementing A Successful One Day Interview: 

1. Make sure one day interviews are scheduled on consecutive days with the top 2-3 candidates. The objective is to complete all the one day interviews quickly and have a decision made within 24 hours after all the interviews have been completed.

2. Plan on a 10 am to 4pm timeframe for the interview.  This is the timeframe that the majority of the daily business typically takes place in organizations. It will give the candidate a sense of what a day in the life would be like working at the company.

3. Give the candidate a 2 hour case study related to one of the key deliverables that the candidate would have to complete if they where selected for the position.  The case study, along with the individual interviews provides a balanced interview process that will help the company identify the candidates capabilities and potential red flags from different angles and perspectives.

4. Have the candidate located at a workstation that is embedded with the rest of the employees. It is critical for the candidate to have a sense of what the office culture is like. It also helps the client see how well the candidate gets along with other employees.

5. During the interview day it is critical that the hiring manager receives real-time feedback from individuals that the candidate has met with. The objective is for the hiring manager to have all the key data points they need to make a decision quickly and share feedback with the candidate.

6.  The hiring manager should debrief with the candidate to review the interview, discuss the scorecard and outcome. The objective with the debrief is for the organization to make a decision on the candidate (hire/no hire) and for the candidate to know where they stand.

Conducting One Day Interviews ensures hiring costs will be reduced and lost productivity is minimized.  Consider One Day Interviews as your go forward approach when interviewing candidates for your open positions.

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