The Game

The Career Game consists of playing both a short and long game, that requires you to have a detailed career strategy, team members that you trust who can help you achieve your career goals, and trusted advisors that can help you refine, modify and in some cases change your strategy in order to keep you on track and win the game.  Playing the career game requires discipline, practice, focus and a true desire to win.

The Short Game

When you start to play your short game, think in terms of a timeline of 1-3 years. Over the next 1-3 years, you want to be able to take on new job responsibilities and new projects that will help you fill in the gaps in your game that are preventing you from going to the next level.   Your short game is more tactical in nature than your long game and, should include key deliverables every 3-6 months that you must meet, that will help you get closer to moving to the next level in your career.

The Long Game

When you start to play your long game, think in terms of a timeline of 3-6 years. Over the next 3-6 years you want to set goals that include: receiving multiple job promotions, whether at your current company or another company, establishing your personal brand in your industry, developing a global network of key contacts, and filling in the key gaps that your advisors view as vital and critical to your career toolkit in order to move into senior leadership roles.

Playing the short game in some cases is easier than playing the long game, just because you see the progress quicker when you are playing the short game. The truth is the long game is probably more important than the short game because the reason why we play the game in the first place is to achieve a desired long term result: financial freedom, increased self worth, retirement. Playing the long game requires patience, discipline and a good short game.

Play the game to win, surround yourself with true team players and advisors who believe in your abilities and goals, and most importantly never give up and keep moving forward.

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