The $15,000 Raise

Wages have been stagnant over the past 15 years and even getting cost of living adjustments is becoming a challenge in today’s marketplace. So how is it possible to get a raise, let alone a $15,000 raise. The secret lies in your willingness and ability to just ask for it. Before you ask for it you need to be able to articulate and showcase a business case that will be determined as a good investment for the company you work for.

When formulating your business case you need to focus on 5 key things:

1. Gaps that you have identified and Solutions to help your company capture new customers, retain more customers and increase profitability.
2. Determine what is Your Value Proposition. You need to understand what is the unique value that you bring to the company you work for.
3. Be a Leader in Your Job. Take the initiative and lead by examples on key projects, mentor other team members and drive your own performance. Believe in the motto of be successful in spite of the obstacles.
4. Develop and refine your communication skills. Put time towards improving your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
5. Be confident in asking for a raise and bring your data to back-up your request.

The strategy is simple. Use your data to showcase that investing an additional $15,000 per year in you is a very good investment for your company and be confident in asking for a raise.

Let One World Consulting Group assist you in identifying gaps in your company, determine your value proposition, coach you with your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and build your confidence in asking for and getting your $15,000 raise.

Contact me at 425-766-9778 or e-mail me at and let us assist you in putting together the plan to help you get your $15,000 raise. Please visit our website at One World Consulting Group- for program details.

Thank you for reading my post.

Paul is Founder and CEO of One World Consulting Group, LLC. Paul is a career coach, recruiter, business developer and sales strategist who serves individuals and companies from around the world.

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