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Gail Baldwin- Technology Leader- Seattle

In a career that is highly competitive and where each decision we make can have a profound effect on our personal and professional lives, it is not easy to find a great resource, who can be trusted in both an advisory and collaborative capacity. I have been very fortunate to have developed this type of relationship with Paul. Paul’s depth of experience and knowledge in the global staffing industry, coupled with his keen insights into specific companies and their corporate cultures and values (deep beyond what can be researched, by simply perusing their websites), has opened the door to relevant discussions, from preparing for interviews to determining if the fit is one that would be advantageous to pursue and/or accept, at key points in my career.

Paul is always accessible, for a quick chat to talk things out or a more formal conversation, to discuss an approach, a good (or not so good) career decision, as well as negotiation techniques, geared toward a specific company. He has also been a great collaborator in reworking my resume and public professional online profile.

I highly recommend Paul, without reservation, in any career management or professional staffing capacity.

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