Is your recruiting team truly trying to find the right talent for your open positions or are they just fielding resumes and hoping that something will stick? If your recruiting team is doing the latter, you have a major talent problem that will only grow over time and affect your company performance and bottom-line. Finding the right talent for your company requires a commitment from all employees, regardless of department or job title to find individuals that will enhance the company and allow it to thrive and grow.

How Do You Find The Right Talent

  1. You must have a fully defined, vetted job description that will act as a key marketing piece in helping the company attract the right talent. The job description is essential in helping the recruiting team build an attraction strategy to find the right talent.
  2. The hiring manager, human resources, finance and other key leaders must be in alignment regarding the budget for the position,timeline to have the position hired by, the interview process and success criteria. Define salary ranges, timelines, interview process and success criteria allows the recruiting team to focus on a targeted recruiting approach and ensures that the entire recruiting process is efficient and successful.
  3. The candidate experience must be at the forefront in successfully finding the right talent. Having a first class candidate experience policy in place will ensure that the company is eliminating one of the biggest reasons why candidates turn down job offers, a bad candidate experience. A bad candidate experience may cause your company to not only lose the right talent, but it may create negative employer branding issues that may be difficult to reverse.
  4. The job offer. Once you have decided that you have found the right talent, it is critical that the job offer process is smooth and timely. The job offer must be accurate and complete. Job Titles, Salary, Benefits, Bonus, Commission all must be clearly spelled out to ensure that the candidate fully understands the offer. The job offer itself must be a competitive and good faith offer that will meet the expectations that the candidate had at the outset of the recruiting process. Getting the candidate a timely job offer is also vital to ensure you are getting the right talent. Job offers that are delayed are often a red flag to candidates and they may take a competing job offer.

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Paul is Founder and CEO of One World Consulting Group, LLC. Paul is a career coach, recruiter, business developer and sales strategist who serves individuals and companies from around the world.

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