Stop Wasting Time……

It doesn’t matter if you are 20,30,40, 50 or 60 years old, you should never be afraid to go after the job or career you want.  Nothing frustrates me more when I hear people talking about wishing they had a different job or career. When I ask them what action items have they taken to help them get that new job or career they tell me that the time is not right or I will get to it at a later date.  The time is now, so stop wasting time and get on with it!

Fear is a big factor as to why people don’t take the necessary steps to make that job or career change. We live in a very volatile world that is filled with so much uncertainty and opportunity, so why not take a chance and see what happens. Ask yourself, what do I truly have to lose if I fail? Failure means growth, growth means that you are living a purpose driven life.

Take the first step and begin working with a career coach who can direct you and get you on the path to achieving the job or career you want. Time is going by, get on with it and start making the change today.

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Paul is President and CEO of One World Consulting Group, LLC. Paul is a career coach, recruiter, business developer and sales strategist who serves individuals and companies from around the world. Contact me to discuss your career, recruiting and sales needs

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