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How many of you out there have done a self assessment in the past 5 years? If I was to guess, I would say roughly 90% of us have not done a self assessment in the past 5 years, and if I was to guess further, I would say that at least 50% of us have never done a self assessment. So why is this happening?

Why the reluctance to do a Self Assessment?

  1. The truth hurts. Many of us can’t handle the truth and would just prefer to sweep it under the rug.
  2. Time. Doing a self assessment takes some time and many of us have other priorities that we prefer to focus on.
  3. What is the point? Many of us already have a fair-to-good sense of who we are, so not need to do this.
  4. Afraid to find something out about yourself that you don’t like.
  5. You may find out that you are in the wrong career and not ready to make a change.

Why do a self assessment?

  1. Self Assessments can help you focus and fill in the gaps in your skills, experiences to ensure that when the next opportunity presents itself, you will be ready.
  2. Self Assessment reveal likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to focus on your likes and strengths and double your efforts in those areas and look for ways to turn your dislikes into likes and your weaknesses into strengths.
  3. You find something out about yourself that will help you make an informed career or personal decision that can have a huge impact on your life.
  4. They can help you with your branding and messaging you want on your resume and linkedIn profile that you would like the marketplace to know you as.
  5. Self Assessments help you get to know yourself and recognize your talents and your flaws. Getting to know yourself is so critical when leading a team or looking for the next position in your career.

Self Assessments can be great career guidance tools that help you focus, strategize and implement successful job search, career exploration or getting promoted plans. Contact me (Paul) One World Consulting Group at or call me at 425-766-9778 to help you with your self assessment, career, job search, and professional coaching needs.

Paul is President and CEO of One World Consulting Group, LLC. Paul is a career coach and recruiter who serves individuals and companies from around the world. Contact me to discuss your career coaching or recruiting needs.

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