Run Your Business Like the San Antonio Spurs

As the NBA finals are winding down and its looking more like the San Antonio Spurs are on the verge of a 5th NBA title in the last 15 years, I began to ask myself why this team has emerged as one of the great dynasties of the NBA and sports in general.

The Spurs foundation of success has been built around 2 men: their coach Gregg Popovich and all star center Tim Duncan. These 2 men have quietly created a culture of winning and going about their business in no-nonsense, structured and discipline manner. They are not flashy, don’t have big egos and have no time for distractions that could take them off their game. They are truly all about winning and staying focused on that.

I find it really ironic that as the Spurs are on verge of winning that 5th NBA title, their competitors the Mami Heat, are the exact opposite of who the Spurs are. The Heat with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh all about the hype, glitz and egos, everything that the Spurs are not.

The Spurs also have the 20th highest payroll in the league at $63 million per year, with the Heat having the highest payroll at $83 million. The Spurs win consistently, but they do it in a very cost effective manner when compared to their competitors.

So running your business like the San Antonio Spurs is the way to go long term. Focus on your goals, forget the hype and glitz and just do your job and everything will fall into place

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