Resume and LinkedIn Coaching


I can help you develop and refine your resume.
The cost of the resume module is $129

When developing and refining your Resume, I focus on the following key areas:

  1. Value Statement
  2. Key Accomplishments
  3. Key Skills and Experience
  4. Keywords that align with ATS Systems and LinkedIn Searches

My objective is to help you 1. create and/or revise your resume that will catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, 2. successfully get through the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and 3. secure job interviews.

Program Duration: 2 hours (typically over 1 week).

Schedule/Format: 2/ 1 hour Skype, Zoom, or Phone calls -discussion and collaborative format.

We also offer other services such as:

Interview Coaching/Branding, Self-Assessment, Linked-In branding, Career Strategy, Job Search, and Building your Network.

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