One of the biggest factors that affects employee retention is co-workers disrespecting each other.  It doesn’t matter if it is a small 5 person company or 100,000 person company, when your employees disrespect each other it kills productivity and prevents your employees from reaching their maximum potential.

Employees who disrespect other employees may not be aware of the damage they are doing to the employee they are disrespecting or the effect that their behavior has on other employees who are observing the disrespect that is taking place.

When leadership knows that employees are disrespecting each other, it is critical that they either put steps in place to change the behavior or remove the employee who is the one doing the disrespecting. Disrespect, will lead to distrust and that will lead to employees leaving the company.

Respect each other and help create a positive and supportive work environment that sets everyone up for success.  When you respect each other, you improve employee morale and retention, which ultimately improves the company’s financial bottom-line.

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