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We are looking for recruiting partners in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and London that specialize in recruiting for legal, finance, operations, technology and marketing positions .

How The Marketplace Works:

When One World Consulting Group has a new position that they want to release to the marketplace, the position and placement fee amount will be e-mailed to members of the recruiter marketplace in the city that the position is located in. The recruiter can accept or reject the position and can bid what % of the placement fee they are seeking. Recruiters can start the bids as high as 70% of the placement fee or as low as 40% of the placement fee. If only 1 recruiter bids, that recruiter will win the bid regardless if they are bidding 70% or 40% of the placement fee.

The Marketplace for each position will only be open for 24 hours. If nobody bids, then the position will be released for bid to other recruiters in the marketplace.

Once a bid has been awarded a briefing call between One World Consulting Group and the Recruiter will occur to review the job description, company and answer any questions.

Once a bid has been awarded the recruiter will have 1 week to submit candidates to the position. All submittals are sent to the One World Consulting Group. If the recruiter has zero submittals in 1 week, the recruiter will lose the position and the position will be released for bid to other recruiters in the marketplace.

All submittals must include a resume, highlights of qualifications, salary expectations and candidate contact information.

Once a candidate has been submitted to the One World Consulting Group , One World Consulting Group will be the main point of contact from that point on between candidate and the client.

All candidate interviews and job offers will be coordinated by One World Consulting Group.

If a candidate is hired, the recruiter will invoice One World Consulting Group the % amount of the placement fee and payment will be sent 30 days after the candidate has started on the new position.

Paul is CEO and President of One World Consulting Group, LLC and One World Executive Search. Paul is a recruiting strategist, career coach and global recruiter who serves individuals and companies from around the world. Contact me at or call me at 1-425-766-9778 to discuss our recruiter marketplace.

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