Playing the Job Search Game

As a job seeker you are at the mercy of recruiters and hiring managers when you apply to jobs. They have the power to either decline your application or accept it. Why is it then, that companies large and small have a difficult time getting back to candidates who apply to their jobs? I know that many companies send out the basic rejection letters, but many yet send nothing out, thus leaving the job seeker in limbo. Why is this happening and what can recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers do to change this?

Why is this happening?

The big reason why recruiters and hiring managers don’t get back to job seekers is that they are just simply overwhemled with the number of applicants that apply to jobs. The recruiters and hiring managers simply do not have enough hours in the day to get back to everyone.

What can recruiters and hiring managers do to change this?

Recruiters can first start by responding back to everyone that applies. Recruiters should set aside at least 1 hour each day to just response to applicants and ask for referrals. Secondly recruiters must demand from their hiring managers that they will respond to candidates submitted by the recruiter within 24-48 hours. This will allow the recruiters to set expectations with candidates about the recruiting process.

What can job seekers do to change this?

Job seekers can be proactive with their follow-up and e-mail the recruiting team what the status of their application is and not just wait for someone to respond. The job seeker can also try to find out who the recruiter and hiring manager is and start a dialogue with those individuals.

The bottom line for job seekers is that they must be proactive, patient and be ready when the recruiter and/or hiring manager wants to engage. Timing is everything, so be ready.

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