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Today, I had the privilege of getting a tour of the Facebook HQ campus in Menlo Park, California and learned about what this amazing company is doing to not only change the world, but to revolutionize the way companies manage and treat their employees. I was truly amazed by the incredible vibe, energy and pace that is Facebook. My visit at Facebook today was one of the most enjoyable corporate experiences I have had in a very long time.

My takeaway today regarding Facebook focused on four key principals of the company:


All around the campus you got the sense that employees were dialed into improving the customer experience. Employees can take existing code and if they think they can improve something the company gives them the opportunity to improve it. Facebook is constantly looking at ways to innovate smarter, faster with a constant goal of improving the customer experience.

Social Responsibility

The word democracy was a constant theme in my tour at Facebook. The company is very much focused on creating a democracy that at the core of it is the responsibility the company has to society as whole. From using their technology to save lives to trying to connect remote areas around the world with the rest of the global community, facebook has taken upon itself to be the champion of democracy in the corporate world and a beacon for social responsibility.

Employee Empowerment

Another key principal of who Facebook is that I observed today was to empower their employees to try new things, bring forward ideas, help employees advance their careers and to achieve their financial goals. Facebook is all about empowering their employees to do great things and be who they want to be. The company understands the unique talents, vision and passion of each employee and has created an environment that nurtures and advances those principals.

Bottom Up Collaboration Management Style

Building on the employee empowerment theme, Facebook welcomes and encourages a bottom-up collabrative management style. Their bottom-up collaborative management style allows all levels of employees at Facebook to become a part of the process and helps make everyone feel a large part of the goal. I got the sense that employees at Facebook are more open to work and strive harder to reach goals and objectives in the ways that work best for them.

Throughout my years as a recruiter I have worked with many companies large and small and many of those companies follow many of the guiding principals that I observed at Facebook today. What I find truly remarkable about Facebook is that a company that is doubling the size of its employee base every year has been able to maintain the guiding principals that I observed today and continue to make those guiding principals the core of their business model.

If you want to work for a company that is globally minded, socially responsible, empowers its employees, allows you to make a great living and is trying to change the world, then I would highly suggest you consider Facebook at the top of your list. Check out careers at

Paul is CEO and President of One World Consulting Group, LLC and One World Executive Search. Paul is a recruiting strategist, career coach and recruiter who serves individuals and companies in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Toronto. Contact me at or call me at 1-425-766-9778 to discuss any recruiting, consulting or career coaching needs.

Thank you for reading my article. I greatly appreciate it!

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