Living Dangerously During The Interview

Many times we go into an interview situation and are very methodical and guarded in our answers and questions. We have been conditioned that you should go into the interview and just answer the questions and stick to the “script”. More times than not, this approach fails, leaving interviewees scratching their heads as to why they did not get the job. The reasons may lie in the fact that the interviewees are not taking chances during the interview process.

What does it mean to take a chance during the interview process?

  • Ask questions to the hiring manager that reference challenges and obstacles that you would be facing if hired into the position.
  • Ask the hiring manager what are their weaknesses and what steps are they taking to turn those weaknesses into strengths.
  • Ask the hiring manager what is going to be toughest part of working with them.
  • Ask the hiring manager,what aspects of your background and skill set are not in alignment with what you are looking for in the person they want to hire into this position.
  • Ask the hiring manager what are their core values and guiding principles.
  • Ask the hiring manager, what is the “political” climate like in your department and organization as a whole.
  • Have you fired anyone during your time at the company and what caused you to fire that person.
  • Ask the hiring manager how they deal with conflict in the workplace.
  • Ask the hiring manager what they can offer you in terms of mentorship and helping you to get promoted in the future.
  • Ask the hiring manager what they dislike about the company and its senior leadership.


The point of this article is to not ask all of the questions listed above, but to pick opportunities during the interview to ask some of the questions that are relevant to the interview. Asking these questions will help you determine whether you want to work for the manager or the company, but it also convey’s to the hiring manager that if they hire you, they will have someone who is authentic, confident and that they can build a trusting relationship with.

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Thank you for reading my article.

Paul is Founder and CEO of One World Consulting Group, LLC. Paul is a global search consultant,career strategist, entrepreneur and humanist who serves individuals and companies from around the world.

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