When you begin a job search Keep It Simple Stupid. Simplicity is the key to successfully executing your plan and achieving the success you seek.

Job Search 101:

Step 1: Build a Resume that highlights your Value Proposition, Accomplishments and Recommendations.

Step 2: Build out your LinkedIn Profile that includes a Professional Looking Picture, Complete Summary Section, Complete Work Experience Section and Recommendations.

Step 3: Identify the top 20 companies you want to work for and apply to open positions that you are qualified for.

Step 4: Apply to job posting you are qualified for at companies outside your top 20.

Step 5: Register with as many “agency” recruiters that recruit for your type of position.

Step 6: Hire a Coach to assist you with job leads, key contacts, interviews and helping you close on job opportunities.

Do these 6 steps and you will achieve the desired results you are seeking

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