How To Secure The Job of Your Dreams

When I talk with people who are job searching or thinking about a career change, the theme that always comes up is how do I find my dream job. Everyone has an idea of what their dream job is, but very few actually take the necessary steps to achieve the job of their dreams.

10 Things You Can Do To Secure The Job of Your Dream

1. Complete a Self Assessment Questionnaire that gives you an honest assessment on What You Want (money, lifestyle, etc) and Who You Are (values, guiding principles, beliefs).
2. Research Jobs that are in alignment with meeting your Wants and with Who You Are. Build a list and pick your top 1-3 jobs.

3. Contact Individuals doing the dream jobs you want and Interview them.

4. Write down the pros and cons of the jobs you picked and focus on the one with the most pros.

5. Re-brand yourself on your resume and linkedIn profile so that your brand closely matches the key attributes of the dream job you want.

6. Apply to as many of those dream jobs as you possibly can. This is when the law of averages will kick-in.

7. Network like crazy with individuals doing your dream job. You need to let as many people know as you can as to what your dream job is.

8. Stay Committed.Don’t settle until you secure your dream job. No matter how long it takes.

9. Offer to work for less, if it means securing the job of your dreams.

10. Keep reminding yourself that life is short, so why not go for the job of your dreams, because before you know it, you will run out of time.

Paul is CEO and President of One World Consulting Group, LLC and One World Executive Search. Paul is a recruiting strategist, career coach and global recruiter who serves individuals and companies from around the world. Contact me at or call me at 1-425-766-9778 to discuss your career,recruiting, project and consulting needs.

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