How To Master The Job Search Game

Mastering the Job Search Game is a game that requires patience, having a strategy and putting in the time and effort to secure the job you want at the company you want to work for. A job search is a full-time job that requires your full attention and commitment, it is something to not take lightly.

Keys Things You Can Do To Master The Job Search Game

  • Stop Looking for a Job and Start Building your Network. Change the mindset from just looking for a job to a mindset of expanding your network of contacts at companies you would like to work at.
  • Promote more of your Value to the marketplace and less on your wants. The more you can offer your expertise to the marketplace through writing articles, participating in professional workshops and other mediums will enhance your marketability. People will gravitate to you when you promote your value.
  • Deep Dive and Immerse yourself into the positions and companies you are interviewing with. The more preparation you can do, the higher the probability you will be successful in securing the jobs you are interviewing for at the companies of your choice.
  • Minimize the Noise. It is absolutely critical that you stay focused and have simple daily activities and goals that you want to achieve for your job search. The key is consistency, follow-up and sticking to your strategy/plan.
  • Give yourself a Realistic Timeline to secure your next job. Target 6-8 months. Obviously you want to find a job faster than 6-8 months, but by giving yourself a long runway, you lighten the pressure of finding a new job, allow for disappointments to happen, and build in a buffer for missed opportunities. Give yourself the time. The right job at the right time will happen.

The job search game can be very tough and one that is highly competitive. It can wreck your confidence, have you questioning your abilities and increase your stress levels. Going into a job search with the mindset that you will master it and be successful will make all the difference in the world.

Paul is CEO and President of One World Consulting Group, LLC and One World Executive Search. Paul is a recruiting strategist, career coach and global recruiter who serves individuals and companies from around the world. Contact me at or call me at 1-425-766-9778 to discuss your career,recruiting, project and consulting needs.

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