How To Become An Influencer

Becoming an Influencer is something you should embark on with an open mind and with the understanding that when you become an Influencer you automatically raise your value in the marketplace and increase your career prospects. Influencers can drive performance in others, move a company into a more competitive advantage in the marketplace and help drive positive change in our society.

Steps You Can Take Today To Become An Influencer

  1. Decide what areas you can become an effective influencer in. Focus on areas that you are an expert in and freely share your knowledge.
  2. Mentor 1-2 employees in your organization who are good performers, but who have the potential to be great performers. Utilize the key principals of James C. Collins ,Good To Great Book as part of your playbook in mentoring those employees.
  3. Provide clarity in your communication both written and verbal.
  4. Create Content that is impactful, relevant and diverse enough to relate to the needs of Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z and the Baby Boomer generations.
  5. Develop an Effective On-Line Strategy to capture a large audience.
  6. Be Authentic in your delivery and approach. Authenticity is at the core of becoming a successful influencer.
  7. Highlight Your Failures and Discuss the Best Practices that evolved from your failures.
  8. Read Everyday and keep adding to your knowledge base.
  9. Connect with Other Influencers and Become a Student of Those Other Influencers.
  10. Build your Followers. The more followers, the more opportunity you will have to influence.

Becoming An Influencer requires practice, patience and a desire to truly help others achieve their goals. When you become an Influencer you have the awesome responsibility of ensuring the people you are influencing will be satisfied, successful and can also help influence others in their network. Influencers change the world.

Thank you for reading my article. I greatly appreciate it!



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