How Meetings Effect Employee Retention

We work in a culture where meetings seem to be taking up the majority of our work life. There are many who believe that having meetings improve productivity, communication and helps create an environment of team. Meetings can in-deed help improve productivity, communication and help build cohesive teams, but having too many meetings and meetings about trivial things can have an adverse effect on employee morale, which can ultimately lead to employees deciding to leave.

How Meetings Effect Employee Retention

  • Having meetings for the sake of having meetings. Employees can view this as micro-management and seeds of distrust can begin to sprout up.
  • The amount of time meetings take, may force your employees to work longer hours and this may create resentment among your employees.
  • Meetings that prevent things from actually getting done. Constant discussions about the “plan” or goals, but not putting in the actual work to execute the plan and meet the goals, will create an unproductive and complacent work environment.
  • Meetings are distractions and get in the way of employees doing their jobs. Meeting take time away from your employees projects and actually doing the job they where hired for.
  • Meetings that are led by leaders who are poor communicators, unorganized and unprofessional, could have your employees questioning the leadership of the organization.


Meetings are necessary to run a company, but it is important to be mindful of the amount of meetings your teams are having and to ensure that the meetings are producing positive results for your company. Meetings that allow for creativity, empowering your employees, recognizing your employees and are designed to produce results can be very effective in retaining your talent. The opposite is true, if meetings are distractions, take too long, and are unproductive, retaining talent may become a problem.

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