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Troy Kendrick -VP of Third Party Risk Management, Seattle, WA

I have been fortunate over the course of my career in that my network has provided for me when I needed jobs. I like to think that because I have done good work and treated people fairly that opportunity would always find me when needed and for the most part, that has been the case.

However, I have also been aware for some time that I didn’t have my professional story straight, which made it impossible to structure my resume and other collateral appropriately. I have also always struggled to identify opportunities outside of my network and I am at a stage in my career where I decided that it was important to do something about that. I’ve spoken with and received proposals from a few career coaches and executive search services over the years, but was never convinced that they could or would help me. Enter Paul.

A confidant introduced me to him and we developed a rapport very quickly. He spend a good deal of personal time learning about me, my career, and my goals. He challenged me to think through and make some decisions and gave me direct and honest feedback as we went. My sole regret here is that a perfect opportunity found me before I could really see what 2nd gear would have looked like for him. It was time and just a little bit of money well spent for me and I am very appreciative.

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