Building Your Virtual Talent Bench

Many companies are always in a reactive mode when they are trying to hire for their open positions.  Time and time again, companies scramble and put undue pressure on their recruiting team to fill open positions as quickly as possible.  When you do this, you lose time, make bad hires, but more importantly you burn your recruiters out.  Once this happens, the value of your human capital goes down and you lose your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

So, how do companies avoid the trap of getting into reactive recruiting? One way is to think long term and slowly over time build a virtual talent bench of individuals that recruiters and hiring managers alike can tap into to fill open positions. So, how do you go about building your virtual talent bench?


1. Hiring Managers and Recruiters alike should have a goal of meeting 1-2 individuals per week that could fit positions that continuously come up in the company.  These would be individuals that work for a competitor, are passive candidates and are candidates that have key skills the company hires for.

2. Human Resources should put on quarterly networking, education and special interest events and invite key individuals in the local marketplace that have the background and experience that the company hires for.

3. Recruiters should generate and distribute a monthly candidate spreadsheet for their hiring managers that highlight key individuals in the local marketplace that have the skill set, experience and background for positions that the company continuously hires for.

4. Hiring Managers should identify those key individuals on the candidate spreadsheet that they would like to meet. The recruiters would then engage in a spirited campaign to lure those key individuals to meet with the hiring managers in more of a “meet and greet” situation vs. an interview situation.

5. Marketing and Recruiting departments should work together and distribute key material on LinkedIn that highlights employee promotions within the company, key company successes, and other information that highlights the advantages of working for the company.

Building your Virtual Bench requires an integrated plan that needs different departments to work together to find talent. It takes patience, commitment and a desire to hire the right way and not fall into the trap of hiring fast.  Build your Virtual Bench today and make better hires now and in the future.

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