To become a business athlete you need to first start with a vision. What is your vision and desired goals? Once you have established your vision and goals, you next need to establish the game plan that will ensure you meet the vision and achieve your desired goals.

How Do You Develop Your Game Plan?

When you begin to map out your game plan, consider the following factors:

1. Obstacles– what obstacles will I face in attempting to successfully execute my game plan? Obstacle’s may include money, family, economic and political.

2. Team Members– who are the individuals that I need on my team to successfully execute the game plan. It is vital to bring on team members who can work together, collaborate and fill in the gaps.

3.Leadership Principal’s: Establish 10 key leaderships principals that are required for you to successfully execute your game plan. Use these leadership principals as your foundation and stay true to these principals as you execute your game plan.

4. Visualize– It is vital to visualize success and have the mindset that I will be successful in spite of the obstacles. Visualization is used by world class athletes and makes the difference between success and failure.

5. Passion for Excellence– If you are going to achieve success, you must have an unwavering desire for excellence. Failure is not an option.

6. Practice– You need to ask yourself the question: Will I do everything I can and put the time in to achieved the desired goals? Practice and more practice will help you achieve the desired goals.

You game plan needs to be straightforward, simple, realistic and stretches you to new levels. The game plan is your blue print for success. Develop it, follow it and modify it to ensure you stay on the path to achieved your desired goals.

Becoming a Business Athlete takes time, energy, coaching,commitment and a passion for excellence. Let’s talk and together begin the transformation process of going from an average, steady worker to high performing, fine-tuned business athlete who has no limitations on what he/she can do.

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