Bad Managers….Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

It is truly amazing to me how many good employees are considering leaving their current jobs or have left their jobs because they are working for BAD MANAGERS. The implications of this are very harmful for the company and the manager.

BAD MANAGERS are the number one reason why good employees leave companies. Bad managers don’t care about their employees well being, hate being a manager, become obstacles to employees trying to perform their jobs effectively and ultimately drive good employees away. This is bad for the employee, manager and the company. So why do we have so many BAD MANAGERS?

In many cases it is the fault of senior leadership.Typically what happens is that top individual performers in a company are promoted to a manager role because the senior leadership feels that in order to retain those top performers and to replicate their performance that they must promote them to a manager role. Sometimes this works out well, but many times it can become a disaster.

In many cases these new managers receive no training, really don’t want to be a manager, but feel they need to take the promotion because it is good for their career and once they become a manager they are reluctant to go back as individual performers. The combination of all these factors can ultimately lead to a toxic work environment for the good employee that will force them to leave their company.

BAD MANAGERS really have two choices: 1. Wake Up and Change their management style and begin to create an environment of empowering their employees, becoming mentors to their employees and put the employees first OR 2. They should consider asking for a non-managerial job within the company or just leave. .

BAD MANAGERS need to change or get out of the way and let their employees do their job and not become obstacles. We need more GOOD MANAGERS and companies to weed out the BAD ones if they want to ensure that they will retain their good employees

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